Sunday, March 17, 2013

IEP Consideration & Assistive Technology

IEP, Individual Education Plan, consideration is the process in which the IEP team members use information analysis to determine student needs for assistive technology (AT). The team members use a student centered, task-focused, and environmentally relevant process to consider a students need for assistive technology. 

Below is a list of questions that can be asked when determining what AT device would best support the  individual or child:

  • What does your child need to do but is unable to do because of his/her disability?
  • What are your child’s customary environments? 
  • What are your child’s biggest educational challenges
  • What assistive technology tools are available to help your child overcome these challenges? 
  • What criteria will be used to later determine if the AT has been successful in helping your child in his/her educational program?
  • What are your child’s preferences in areas such as color and style? 
  • What are the specific features of the AT device that can help your child?
  • How long will this device or program remain a suitable AT device for your child?
  • What tools or devices are readily available from the school, the district, or a loan library?
  • Who will need to be trained to ensure that your child gets the maximum benefit from the AT device?

Form Used:

AT IEP Considerations (Source that provides AT solutions that can be considered for students with disabilities with a focus on area of need not disability.) 


  1. Tara, I really like your post about things to consider when choosing an AT device. These are questions that could really help educators get on the right track and find an appropriate device for a student. I like that you mentioned that the team should use a student-centered approach. This is so important to remember!

  2. For someone looking at your blog that has no idea what an IEP is, you did an awesome job explaining it. I really enjoyed reading it. I understand what an IEP is and how it runs but the little blacks holes that I miss sometimes you really made understandable. I think the form you posted also can help any reader understand. Thanks for helping me understand more!

  3. I like the list of questions you have that aid in finding the correct AT device. I think posting the form is also a great idea! It allows us to see authentic artifacts that are used throughout the process.