Monday, February 18, 2013

Current Lesson Plan (Pre-UDL)

Name: Tara Miller
Date: April 10, 2012
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 5th  
Cooperative Teacher: Jennifer Bostic

Situating the Lesson:
            Students are currently exploring the Great Depression and Industrial American. In the previous lesson students were introduced to the Great Depression period and looked at the Stock Market Crash of 1929 using a simulation activity and watching a BrainPop. Through this lesson I was able to see what students already know about the Great Depression in preparation for this lesson.

Methods of Inquiry:
1.     Cooperative Learning.
2.     Investigation and collection of Data.

Instructional Goals:
            SBWAT gain a better understanding of the great depression through studying a significant person                from the great Depression period.
            SWBAT create a poster displaying the information in a neat and clear manner.

Essential Questions:
1.     What was life like for people during the Great Depression?
2.     After analyzing life during the Great Depression how do things differ today?
3.     What sacrifices did people have to make or were forced to make?
4.     What were the causes of the Great Depression?

State and/or Content Standards:
            5.10. Broad Concept: Students describe what happened during the global depression of the                                    1930s and how the United States responded.
            5.10.2. Describe the mass unemployment within the country. (S, E)
            5.10.4 Identify and explain the New Deal programs under FDR. (P)
            5.10.5 Analyze increased importance of the federal government in establishing economic   and                              social policies to combat societal problems. (P, S, E)

Instructional Materials:
1.     1 Computer for each set of partners (8-10)
2.     1 piece of construction paper per set of partners
3.     10 Name Slips (Names of famous person for each set of partners)
4.     20 copies of “Now and Then Prices” worksheet
5.     Brainpop “Great Depression”
6.     Markers/ Crayons
7.     Picture of each famous person

Set Induction:
            To introduce this lesson I am going to introduce and have a brief discussion about the Great Depression and what we previously spoke about in the last lesson.  After brief discussion I will put on the “Great Depression” BrainPop video. (Students will be reminded to watch and listen for facts, as we will be talking about the video after we watch it.)

1.     After having the students watch the BrainPop video we will create a list of 5 facts, as a class, that we learned about while watching the film. I will write the facts on the board and will give stickers to those that answer to help motivate students to participate.
2.     After all five facts on the board I will take a few moments to take questions or comments for clarification before moving onto activity.
3.     At this time I will introduce our activity, Famous People of The Great Depression Posters. I will read the directions to the class and what is expected of them, in addition I will pass out individual assignment checklists to help students self manage their own work.  After going over directions I will take any questions the students may have that may be helpful to the entire class. Once all questions are answered students will get with their partners. I will pass out their construction paper, assignment checklist, and name of person to each set of partners.
4.     Students are instructed to begin work immediately accessing the computers available in the classroom. I will print the pictures of the chosen people so each group has a printed image. After printing I will give each group their picture and check in to make sure they are all on task and expectations are clear. Students are given a half-hour to complete their research and posters.
5.     When students finish I will have an activity sheet for them to work on until the class is finished.
6.     To call students back I will countdown, and they will return to their desks. I am going to collect their work and have a brief discussion about what the partners found out about their person, their impact or involvement with The Great Depression, or anything interesting they may have learning about the person or the Great Depression in general. Following this students will be instructed to line up to return to their teacher and notified that I am going to keep their posters to hang up to share with the entire school in hallway.

            To assess the students I will be walking around the classroom checking the involvement and contributions made by students. I will strike up conversation regarding the student’s research to see what they are finding. Following completion of the assignment I will ask the students to share what they learned to the entire class. While I cannot check individual student work I can glance at the overall creation of the poster, their research skills using the Internet and computer as I walk about the room, and how they have worked with their partner.

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