Saturday, February 9, 2013

UDL Guidelines

UDL Center Director David Rose leads the viewer through the UDL guidelines while providing a comprehensive basis of the principles and checkpoints for designing curriculum that supports the different learners in the classroom. The UDL guidelines are organized to posses the characteristics of the three main principles of UDL: representation, expression, and engagement. Not only do these guidelines help the students in the classroom but the teachers gain the opportunity to better assist their students and clearly identify any existing barriers that may found. This is a very useful video that provides a clear understanding and can be a great tool for the more visual and audio learners. 


  1. Tara, I think you did a good job at explaining what UDL is and how it should be used. The video is also another great idea! I think this makes it easy for a reader to truely understand the concept.

  2. This is such a great video that you added to your blog, it helps the reader understand what UDL is without being confused.