Monday, February 18, 2013

UDL Checklist

On the first day of class I saw a new term, UDL, and was full of questions and rather confused. Thank goodness out professor has us attack this term head first using the CAST and UDLonline sites. I immediately got a definition and some background information that eased my first puzzeld impressions. When I glimpsed at the checklist some checkpoints jumped out as something I already do. 
1.1 Customize the display of information
2.1 Define vocabulary and symbols
3.1 Provide or activate background information
7.3 Reduce threats and distractions 
8.3 Foster collaboration and communication 
9.3 Develop self-assessment and reflection 
The above checkpoints are all those that I am comfortable using and know that I have used in my classrooms in past. These I find to be easily to be insert into every day lesson plans and activities to enhance the learning environment. Then I look at the checkpoints which I know I can further develop upon. These include:
1.2 provide alternatives for auditory information 
3.2 Highlight critical features, big ideas, and relationships.
4.1 Provide varied ways to respond
4.3 Integrate assistive technologies
6.1 Guide effective goal setting
8.2 Vary levels of challenge and support.
The above checkpoints I know that with some extra time and attention I can incorporate these into my lessons which can lead to the further success and accomplishments of my students. Then I have the checkpoints which are going to take time, education, research, and the support of the assistive technology course to help my utilize. These checkpoints include:
2.4 Promote cross-linguistic understanding
3.3 Guide information processing
4.2 Provide varied ways to interact with materials
5.3 Provide ways to scaffold practice and performance
6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources
8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives
The above checklist are the more difficult and challenging points for me. Some of them I find more difficult because I do not fully understand what they are asking, others because of a lack of experience/ familiarity with this point. I am hoping that with the help and support of this semester I will have a better understanding of the concepts and be able to incorporate most if not all of the checklist in my future classroom not only for the better of my teaching but for the total success and accomplishments of my students. 

*Below is a copy of the UDL Checklist for those unfamiliar with what I am referencing. 

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  1. Tara I really liked how you started this blog. I completely agree, coming into this class I had not a clue what UDL was. You really let the reader understand what UDL is throughout your blogs