Sunday, February 17, 2013

Questions and Answers

“What is Universal Design for Learning? Why is UDL necessary? How does Universal Design for Learning help teachers in real classrooms? How does UDL help guarantee students equal opportunities to learn? How does UDL address the core principles of No Child Left Behind? I've seen the term universal design but not Universal Design for Learning. What is the difference? How can technology help teachers individualize teaching materials to make learning engaging and challenging for all students? How can the Internet and multimedia be used to individualize learning for students with varied backgrounds, learning styles, abilities and disabilities?” (CAST About UDL)

The above are all questions that are found on this portion of the CAST website that are found to be the most common questions presented. With these questions come answers. While CAST provides an answer to these questions I feel as though some of the answers do not go into enough detail to grant the reader/ viewer the most complete understanding of this new topic. Some of the questions are answered with a minimal bullet point response but not in much detail. I have found, through my research, that CAST does a great job at providing the necessary information and data to help any of its viewers gain a better understanding but this can only be done by reading the entire contents of the CAST website. If you rely solely on this one section you will be left with only a partial understanding. Seven questions are posted on this site. I don't know about you but when I first read the term UDL I had more than seven questions. And once I read the above questions, my mind started to wander beyond. It is imperative to not rely on one link but to allow it to lead you to the next. 

I would recommend viewing this site if you have specific questions that may be listed, or as a post or pre read to grasp the basic groundwork for what the reader would see while navigating this site. But I will add that this section will not allow you to feel a complete understanding. Some other sections that I would recommend viewing along with this current section are listed below.

*The video below, taking from youtube, can also be found on the above CAST website. For those viewers looking for a better understanding and answers to different questions, this video may grant you that. 

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