Monday, February 18, 2013

UDL Lesson Plan

Teacher: Tara Miller
Subject: 5th Grade Social Studies

Materials Needed:
  1. 1 Computer for each set of partners (8-10)
  2. 1 piece of construction paper per set of partners
  3. 10 Name Slips (Names of famous person for each set of partners)
  4. 20 copies of “Now and Then Prices” worksheet
  5. Brainpop “Great Depression”
  6. Markers/ Crayons
  7. Picture of each famous person 
  8. Audio for textbook (students who need audio component)
  9. Smartboard Access  (students can make a presentation on computer)        
Lesson Objective(s):
                  Given a computer, name of famous person, and blank piece of paper, the students will create a poster displaying the information on the individual in a neat and clear manner with 90% accuracy.

5.10. Broad Concept: Students describe what happened during the global depression of the                                                  1930s and how the United States responded.
            5.10.2. Describe the mass unemployment within the country. (S, E)
            5.10.4 Identify and explain the New Deal programs under FDR. (P)
            5.10.5 Analyze increased importance of the federal government in establishing economic and                                social policies to combat societal problems. (P, S, E)

Anticipatory Set:
To introduce this lesson I am going to introduce and have a brief discussion about the Great Depression and what we previously spoke about in the last lesson.  After brief discussion I will put on the “Great Depression” BrainPop video. (Students will be reminded to watch and listen for facts, as we will be talking about the video after we watch it.)

Multiple Means of Representation:
            Content will be presented and obtained from the following resources available to all of the students during the lesson. (Computer, textbook, brainpop video)

Multiple Means of Engagement:
            Students will be working in small groups, that they choose, to complete the assignment. They can choose which resources they are going to use to gather the information. Within their group they can choose who will do the research, who will write on the poster, and who will draw a picture on the poster. They will find a place in the classroom that will allow them to work best without distractions from other groups. Upon finishing the poster they will present their work to the class and discuss what they found and how they worked to finish the assignment.

Multiple Means of Expression:
            Students can choose to navigate the textbook or sites on the Internet to find their information. They will divide the work amongst the group members to complete the assignment and will choose a component that best fits their interest.  They will then choose to complete the poster with images, charts, and texts that they choose. This is a self-driven project. The students are given a topic and told to gather information to present and are given the freedom to this that best fits their needs and interests, strengths and weaknesses. 

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  1. When viewing your lesson plans, it was great how you increased the use of technology into your lesson plan by adding use of the audio text. It is great how some textbooks are now being provided with a digital version and in that version it allows students to read they text or listen to the text. While reading your multiple means of engagement, making use of cooperative learning groups is great and it works best that you provide each student a job which you described. Would you allow students to use any resource they choose or would you provide them a list of acceptable, teacher approved sources?